Our Editing Service

Who are your editors?

We recruit native English-speaking editors from top universities. Editors are selected based on their technical expertise in specific academic areas and editing skills. All of our editors have either a master’s degree or a PhD. You can read more about our editors here.

How is an editor selected for my project?

We have a diverse group of editors with research experience in most academic areas. We ensure that the editor who edits your project has the right technical experience to understand your research area and provide meaningful and thorough improvements to your paper. You can read some of the bios of our editors here.

What makes your service unique?

The editing and formatting requirements for each journal can be quite diverse. We provide services tailored to fit each specific journal. Not only do we ensure that your manuscript will be error free and well written, we also tailor our editing to ensure that the language meets the author guidelines of the target journal and provide format editing services as well.

Tell me about your Publication Ready Guarantee.

We guarantee that once our editing team finishes your project, it will be ready for publication in the sense that it will meet the English language requirements of your target journal.

What if I want to submit my manuscript to multiple journals?

When you submit your manuscript to our service, we match your project to the requirements of a specific journal. Once the project is completed, you can resubmit the manuscript for additional format editing services. Our editors will then provide format editing services that match the requirements of the different journal. Simply contact customer service at info@americanmanuscripteditors.com to begin a format editing project for a different journal. We charge a flat rate of $100 per article for each additional journal for which you would like us to format your manuscript.

What type of editing should I expect?

Your assigned editor will correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. He or she will also improve the flow of your paper, eliminate any awkward sentences or phrasing, and ensure that the writing is clear and concise while providing format editing according to the requirements of the target journal. Editors also leave comments for the client to provide further guidance and insight. Once the project has been completed, the manuscript will be ready for submission to the review board of the target journal.

How will I know what changes have been made in my manuscript?

Our editors use the track changes feature in MS Word to clearly highlight the suggested improvements to the document. Comments are placed in the margins to provide further guidance and suggestions.

What if I make changes to my manuscript after your staff completes my project?

Manuscripts that have undergone changes can be resubmitted at a 30% discount. We refer to these types of projects as revision projects. Simply click on the “start now” link under the “Request Revision” column associated with the revised project on your customer account page.

Do you offer a certificate that verifies my manuscript was edited by your service?

Yes, we can provide an AME certificate that serves as verification that your manuscript has been edited for language and formatting by our staff and meets our quality standards. In fact, you can print this AME editing certificate directly from your customer account by clicking on the “Editing Certificate” link under the Download Forms column on your account. For more instructions, contact customer service at info@americanmanuscripteditors.com.

Project Submissions

Are weekends included in my turnaround time?

Yes, weekends are included in the project turnaround time. However, our customer support staff is available only Monday through Saturday. Inquiries sent on Sunday will receive a response on Monday.

How do I calculate the word count?

The word count function in MS Word 2007 can be found under the Tools heading; in contrast, it can be found under the Review tab in MS Word 2010. This feature will either count the total number of words in the document, or it will provide a word count for a highlighted section of the document. Our staff will also verify the word count of each document submitted to our service.

Is my manuscript safe?

Our editors sign confidentiality agreements when they join our staff. The confidentiality of your research is one of our highest priorities.


How do I make a payment for my project?

We offer two options for submitting a payment. When you submit your manuscript, you can pay using any major credit card through one of our two secure payment partners, PayPal or Stripe. Alternatively, you can make a wire transfer directly from your bank account. In order to pay via wire transfer, contact customer service at info@americanmanuscripteditors.com.

Will I receive an invoice?

Once your project is complete, you can print your invoice from your customer account by clicking on the “Invoice” link under the Download Forms column on your projects page. For additional information, contact customer service at info@americanmanuscripteditors.com.