Pair the speed of neural machine translation with deep learning capability with the
trusted work of our expert academic editors to translate your academic document.

Cost efficient, trusted results

Our neural machine system provides fast, reliable translations. Pairing this with the trusted work of our expert academic editors who provide editing after the machine assisted translation has been completed, your document will be grammatically correct and coherently written in native sounding English.

Our Translation Process
1. Submit Translation Project to American Manuscript Editors
2. Neural Machine Translation
3. Specialized Editor Matched to your Subject Area
4. Publish Ready Manuscript

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Benefits of our AI Assisted Translation/Expert Editor Service

Time saved with the AI
assisted translation process

Better results with the
combination of machine
and human processes

Reliable formatting you can
trust from a credible source

  • Sample Editing
  • Journal Manuscript Editing
  • Thesis/Dissertation Editing
  • General Academic Editing
  • Manuscript Formatting
  • AI-Assisted
    Translation/Expert Editing
Super Express 12 hours
  • -
  • $0.082/word
  • -
  • $0.052/word
  • -
  • -
Express 24 hours
  • -
  • $0.075/word
  • -
  • $0.046/word
  • -
  • -
Fast 48 hours
  • FREE
  • $0.069/word
  • $0.040/word
  • $0.040/word
  • -
  • -
Standard 72 hours
  • -
  • $0.055/word
  • $0.035/word
  • $0.035/word
  • $0.0166/word
  • $0.06/word*
*72-hour return times guaranteed on AI-assisted translation/expert editing projects that are submitted between Monday 7 am and Saturday 5 pm Pacific Time.
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