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Unless you accurately cite and recognize the work of other authors in your project in every instance, your manuscript may be rejected, and your reputation is at risk. That is why we have partnered with iThenticate - the premier tool for researchers and professional writers - to check your original work for potential plagiarism. An iThenticate similarity report will highlight passages that may be flagged for potential plagiarism. Avoid the time and stress of resubmission by including an iThenticate similarity report in your editing project!

Our Plagiarism Check Process
1. Start a 48- or 72-hour editing Project on American Manuscript Editors
2. Click the “Add iThenticate Similarity Report” checkbox to add this report to your service
3. Once your editing project is complete, the iThenticate report is generated and sent to you via email (this can take up to 24 hours)

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Benefits of a Similarity Report from

iThenticate checks for text
similarities against the
world’s largest database of
professional publications and
internet archives.

Feel confident that your
academic reputation will be
protected against claims of
even accidental plagiarism.

The reliable and easy to use
report highlights text
sections you should review
and helps ensure the
originality of your work.

What is included in an iThenticate similarity report?

An iThenticate similarity report uses color-coded highlighting to show text matches and their sources. A Similarity Score is given, which represents the percentage of the text that is similar to text found on the Internet or scholarly content databases. Similarity presence does not necessarily mean the work is plagiarized. In fact, instances of matches could be improperly cited quotations, matches against preprints, theses or dissertations, and other unintended issues. Thus, it is critical to review matches individually.

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